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Justiscraft Reopening

Justiscraft has been a long time project now going on 4 years of continued development. Ups and downs, tosses and turns. The whole time creating a social net of friends and strangers alike. The project started with a small home server and at it’s height was hosting 80 people at a time with the Pixelmon mod as our flagship.

Back now still on adventure but sporting the Sponge engine by SpongePowered, I hope to recreate the great experience that was once sown for the public to enjoy and take part in.

Currently intending to have ranks, a few kits, shops, and an extended economy. And yes running only one client required mod: Pixelmon! Pokemon has always been close to my heart and many of our followers and dedicated gamers. Playing red as a child no doubt paved the way for a whole new kind of life for me and millions of others all over the world. It’s an honor to share in the joy and help foster its continuation for generations to come. I hope to see many new faces along the way and make friends as well. Please do join what is quickly becoming the largest trend in history!

Connect to the minecraft server at: justiscraft.com

Forge and Pixelmon are required and as of this post the versions are; 5.0.0 beta2 Pixelmon, 1.10.2 – forge.

Grab the both of them at the pixelmon website: http://pixelmonmod.com

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