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Everything Pokemon is coming up! Doesn’t matter if it’s an old gameboy cartridge or PokemonGO for a smartphone. This trend might never end it seems like and I am happy to see it raising in popularity as a wholesome way to spend an hour or entire day! Let’s recount just what’s going on for the Pokemon Franchise.


Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow hold a special place in many fans hearts. As far as original Gameboy games go these four were a must. Or at least one of them was. My personal favorite is Red. The first game I beat more then once just cause I could! Next came Gold, Silver, and Crystal with the second generation of Pokemon. Gold and Silver were and are today great additions to the pokedex line up and with Crystal we saw the addition of animated sprites. Pokemon Crystal being the last game created for Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket and Gameboy Color. An impressive line up indeed!

Then hit Gameboy Advance. At 386 pokemon the third generation is still a huge fan favorite for many. Ruby and Sapphire being the first two games to feature the new line of pocket monsters! Next came FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald. In this generation came Natures, or specific environment based advantages and disadvantages.

Pokemon’s fourth generation brought a huge number of new pokemon as well, taking the pokedex from 386 to 493. At this point remember them all was and is instant bragging rights. We see the addition of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. To cap the fourth gen the remakes of Gold and Silver; HeartGold and SoulSilver were brought to market and the adoring hearts of Pokemons devoted fan base. These games introduced the 3D world to pokemon adventures and forever improved the roaming of The Pokemon Universe!

Generation Five. 649 Pokemon in the pokedex and a dizzying challenge to remember the whole lot of them. Pokemon Black and White are created and begin making a huge (Magikarp) splash with the new region and lots of side questing. Next are the sequals Pokemon Black2 and White2. Which are actually vast improvements to the first two.

Pokemon’s sixth generation bring the X and Y. These two games are famous for their attention to details through on the Nintendo 3DS. Truly flawless except for a small bug upon the first release (lol.) After came two more remakes: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

The Seventh Generation of Pokemon are sure to keep the Pokemon Universe alive for another generation of children and adults alike! This brings filling the pokedex from scratch a completely new challenge as the shear amount of pokes is amazing.


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