Pixelmon – A Pokemon Fan’s Dream in Minecraft

What is Pixelmon?

If you could bring the whole universe of pokemon into minecraft as a single mod you would be getting close to what pixelmon is. But there is more to this Minecraft mod then meets the eye. Surrounding it is a huge community open to suggestions, help, and user contributed content. All original and all high quality.









While everyone is taken by the newly released PokemonGO, Pixelmon has hit the development of 5.0.0 which is the first version to be compatible with the current version of Minecraft: 1.10.2!

The Pixelmon mod is somewhat of a force of nature. Over two years in development this addition to minecraft brings the world of Pokemon to life. The community here has hand modeled over 302 Pixelmon which populate a world complete with custom villages, new resources, roaming npcs, and Achievements. All of which are accurate and to scale with the bulbapedia pokedex. You can train your pixelmon, craft new poke-resources, battle friends in multiplayer and even summon legendaries to catch!

-Currently the mod adds:
TMs & HMs.
EV Items/Holdables (ev training works.)
3D Animated Pixelmon.
Robust Battle System.
Double battles!
PixelmonNPCs And Spawners.
Pixelmon Statues.
New Ores and Apricorn trees.
Custom Pixelmon Devices.
Tons of New Pixelmon Items.
All the pokemon badges*
Custom ShopKeepers
And there is still more to come!
Bookmark the site and give pixelmon a check in every once in a while. It might just surprise you how awesome it is!

The mod has a lot to offer both players and developers, come be a part of the growing trend in Pokemon fandom; www.pixelmonmod.com. Join the development by simply signing up on the forum and filling out a quick questionnaire. If you want to make a few models it’s even easier. Just post up a thread with your progress and get involved. We have guides, a wiki and a wonderful team to help you get started. If you can code in Java with some proficiency then please jump on in and apply for developer.

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