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    What are Reserves Accounts?

    Item Search:
    Item Id Type Name Cost in points or reserves
    pokeitem_001 pokeitem Masterball - 1 0 16000.00
    pokeitem_002 pokeitem Old Amber 0 1500.00
    pokeitem_003 pokeitem Fossil Cleaner 0 4000.00
    pokeitem_004 pokeitem Diamond 0 2000.00
    pokeitem_005 pokeitem Kings Rock 0 5000.00
    rank_001 rank Gardener Rank 0 700.00
    rank_002 rank Angler Rank 0 700.00
    rank_003 rank Miner Rank 0 700.00
    rank_004 rank Pokefanatic Rank 0 700.00
    rank_005 rank FireBreather Rank 0 700.00
    rank_006 rank Swimmer Rank 0 700.00
    rank_007 rank Medium Rank 0 700.00
    point_gd Points -
    gold_pt Gold 1
    reserves_rv Reserves 1
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